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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Radius SUBURB?

Radius SUBURB is a real estate marketing tool that makes it easy for you to market your real estate services to an entire suburb, supplying you with "washed" real estate leads containing names, addresses, telphone numbers where available and even email addresses. The lead data is available to download at any time over a 12 month period, during which the data is washed against the Do Not Call Register every 28 days.

Q: Where does the residential list data come from?

RADIUS and its partners acquire residential lead data from a large number of publicly available sources and data wholesalers under various licence arrangements. With over 15 years of history in residential data and transactional records, we access various sources including wholesale list providers, survey providers and opt-in websites. RADIUS also has agreements with a number of large data clients (telemarketing centres etc) to confirm the currency of the data by washing the RADIUS residential records against their current customer data.

Q: How often is the real estate lead database updated?

Unlike many other services, RADIUS cleans or washes its residential data every 28 days, to ensure that it is kept up to date and does not contravene the National Do Not Call Registry.

Q: Does it include Absentee Owners?

No, the residential lists will provide the details of the occupants of each home, where available. These names can be either owner occupiers or tenants.

Q: Do the residential lists show multiple occupants within a house?


Q: Do the residential lists show mobile numbers?

Yes. Both landline and mobile numbers are shown, if available.

Q: What if I wanted a residential list of an entire postcode?

Radius Suburbs are based on the Australia Post classification of suburbs, therefore, some postcodes may contain multiple suburbs which will need to be purchased separately.

Q: How do I get my data?

Your data is emailed to you immediately after purchasing. The data is in an Excel Spreadsheet format, which means it can be re-sorted to suit your needs or used for a mail merge.

Q: How do I purchase a residential marketing data list?

Radius Suburbs must be ordered online and paid for using a credit card. By registering and paying online, you will be automatically updated with the latest washed lists every 28 days and notified when your subscription is about to expire.

Q: Why are some residential list records addressed "To The Householder?"

In the case where the records don't have a specific name attached to an address, the addressee field is listed as "To The Householder." This is done so that clients can still perform a mail merge and address labels will still be complete. By addressing a letter "To The Householder", agents are not violating "No Junk Mail" notices.