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Privacy Statement – Radius Suburb

This website is owned and operated by Printforce Australia Proprietary Limited (Printforce). (ABN 43 009 354 643) Our online system provides a convenient way to manage your property strategies online. In order for Printforce to maintain the quality of service that you have come to expect, we will be required to collect and maintain relevant information about our clients.

Printforce recognises the importance of implementing a privacy policy which protects the interests of our corporate clients. The aim of this statement is to communicate how information about our clients are gathered and utilised within our website. It also outlines the security measures we have in place to prevent unauthorised access and distribution of your personal data.

Collecting Personal Information Privacy Statement
Printforce collects personal information to personalize your experience with our site. The more we know about you, the more we can present you with services that are relevant to you. The property details you upload, along with data stored in your personal "cookie," (see below) will be used to make online ordering faster and more convenient by helping us understand your ordering requirements and navigation patterns.

The amount of information we collect about you depends on how you use our online system and whether you elect to give us any information about yourself by placing an order online.

Your personal information will also be used to:

  • To assist Printforce in the production of print media (e.g. order & property details). This may include, but is not limited to data processing, graphic design, typesetting and printing.
  • To enable Printforce to contact you with promotional offers which may be of interest. Printforce may also use the information to notify you of site updates.
  • To assist Printforce's internal accounts management, planning, research and develop.
  • To enable Printforce to arrange third party services (e.g. freight) in order for us to complete the transaction and send you the products you have requested.
  • In this case Printforce will only disclose the information needed to complete your transaction. Printforce does not sell, rent or trade user information to other companies.

Cookies and their use
"Cookies" are small data files that are sent from the site to your browser and are stored on your hard drive, keeping track of your general activity on the site. When you make subsequent visits to the site, your cookie gives us a summary of your preferences and past experiences on the site. This allows us to tailor the online system to your needs.

Your cookie may be altered at different times throughout your visits to the website, and it is updated frequently as you use various online system functionalities. Every time you enter your online system, our server may deliver certain customized information to you based on the data stored in your cookie.

Printforce stores all data behind carefully selected security devices, such as firewalls. Our servers are protected in secure facilities. All internal communication with the system and communication of private member data, such as account details, is transmitted using appropriate encrypted protocols. Policies related to staff access to private member data are in place. All data is held in the strictest confidence, protected by the strictest security standards.

User Validation
To ensure only authorised personnel have access to your extranet interface, appropriate measures have been taken to enforce this. Each of our clients are allocated individual Logins and Passwords. It is recommended that you change you password regularly. Please advise us immediately if there is any unauthorised use of your user name, password, profile or accounts by any other Internet user or any other breach of security.

Your Agreement to this Privacy Policy
Please take the time to read our Privacy Policy carefully before utilising this web site. By using the website you have indicated that you have read, understood and agreed to the collection and use of your personal information as defined by Printforce in this Privacy Policy.

Changes to This Privacy Policy
Printforce reserves the right to modify our Privacy Policy without prior notification. However as you are bound to these conditions, Printforce encourages you to revisit this page periodically for more information.

Contacting Printforce
Under the Privacy Act (1988) Printforce is obliged to provide Personal Information of an individual which has been collected, used or disclosed since 21 December 2001. If you have any queries relating to your privacy or would like to access your personal information held by Printforce, please contact us at:

RE: Printforce - Privacy Policy
Printforce Australia Pty Ltd
eBusiness Division
PO Box 6386
Phone: 1300 735 900