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Generate Real Estate Leads with Residential Phone Listings.

Residential phone lists at your fingertips!

  • Promote yourself and/or your office effectively to your farming area.
  • 1 low fee to access names & phone numbers for an entire suburb over a 12 month period!
  • Residential phone listing records are washed every 28 days against the 'No Call Register' for an entire year.
  • Access & refresh your real estate marketing data anytime during your 12 month subscription period to generate real estate leads.

See how many real estate leads you can market to today:


Who is Radius Suburb for?

RADIUS SUBURB makes it easy for you to market your real estate services to an entire suburb, by supplying you with a "washed" list of real estate leads - names, addresses and telephone numbers - where available. The residential list data is available to download at any time over a 12 month period, during which the data is washed against the Do Not Call Register every 28 days.

Where does the residential phone listing data
come from?

RADIUS SUBURB and its partners acquire real estate marketing data from a large number of publicly available sources and data wholesalers under various licence agreements. With over 15 years of history in consumer data and transactional records, we have one of the best real estate marketing databases in the industry.

People and Phone Details
RADIUS SUBURB acquires its phone data from various sources, including wholesale list providers, survey providers and opt-in websites.

Demographic Information
Our geo-location information is performed by GCNA and GGCD as well as various public record databases such as property boundaries and roads.

Other Data Sources
RADIUS SUBURB also has agreements with a number of large data clients (telemarketing centres, etc.) to confirm the currency of the data by washing the real estate marketing records against their current customer data.

What's the big deal?

Obtaining names and addresses online is not new. What is new is the quality of our real estate leads. Because it is washed every 28 days, you can be sure that our list doesn't contain residents not wishing to be called.

Washed against the No Call Register every 28 days

3 Powerful Real Estate Marketing Ideas for your Residential Lists:

Telemarketing for your farming area

Telemarketing has evolved and your farming databases need to evolve as well. Why cold call when you can ask for the resident by name and therefore achieve a much higher prospecting rate?

Bypass the 'junk mail' factor

Organized direct mail personalised to the resident of the property with their name to ensure a massive increase in the open rate. This dramatically improves the cut-through of your direct-mail real estate marketing communications.

Build your email database

Why not combine personalised direct mail with a call to action for an online landing page? Thus obtaining an email address & converting your 'bricks and mortar' into a digital prospect.

An email address coupled with a first name is a powerful combination for online remarketing purposes.

What do our real estate marketing clients say?

Don Asplin, Pro West in WA

"I found it very useful for us... Use Radius to generate the phone numbers as it is a clean list..."

Jesse James, Raywhite Redland Bay in Brisbane

"it's peace of mind for us and our salespeople to know that we can call with confidence and are not going to get into trouble..."

Who is using PrintForce Radius Suburb?

Our real estate lead data is used successfully by over 700 agents all over Australia. Don't fall behind your competition and gain an unfair advantage in today's challenging property markets. Below is just a featured sample of some of our clients... Ray White First National

PrintForce Radius Suburb in the news

Obtaining names and addresses online is not new. What is new is the quality of our residential list. Because it is washed every 28 days, you can be sure that our real estate marketing lists doesn't contain residents not wishing to be called. That simple, but powerful fact made sure we have been featured in numerous publications, both online and offline.

See how many records you can market to today: